Founded by Jenn Libby in 2014, Genesee Libby Studio offers photographic services with a specialization in tintype and ambrotype portraiture. Let us take you back in time.



We are among a small number of portrait studios in the world that create these handmade, one-of-a-kind images. Each one is a work of art unto itself. Like a Polaroid, there is only one true photograph created of any given exposure.



We use an early photographic process that has proven itself fade-proof for over 160 years. Collodion images have become family heirlooms—a connection to relatives many generations past. We can create new images that will connect you to future generations.



This is not your average portrait session. Experience what it was like to be photographed in the early days of photography. See yourself differently. See how you would have looked being photographed in the Victorian era.



In addition to our basic portrait sessions, we offer deluxe sessions wherein we work with you to tell your story. In the spirit of 19th century portrait studios we offer a variety of backdrops options. We also have costumes and props available.



Founder Jenn Libby has been using the wet-plate collodion process since 2004. She studied the process in graduate school at the Visual Studies Workshop with Heather F. Wetzel. Libby uses it for portraiture and other artistic endeavors.


Rochester, New York

High Falls, Genesee River, Rochester, NY , 2013, Libby + Olshefsky

High Falls, Genesee River, Rochester, NY, 2013, Libby + Olshefsky

Rochester, NY, once known as the "World's Image Center," is an apt place to have a studio specializing in a 19th century photo process. The Genesee River Valley is rich in photographic history. In 1881, George Eastman founded the Eastman Dry Plate Company in Rochester, and subsequently the Eastman Kodak Company in 1888, inaugurating snapshot photography. Bausch & Lomb, makers of precision lenses, was also founded in Rochester in the mid-nineteenth century. Many camera manufacturing companies were located here as well.

Kodak Building, Rochester, NY , 2013, Libby + Olshefsky

Kodak Building, Rochester, NY, 2013, Libby + Olshefsky