Basic Session

The basic session is a simple, straightforward studio portrait of one to two people. You can select a 3x4, 4x5, or 4x6 tintype or ambrotype. We allow a 45 minute time slot for a basic session. The basic session does not include retakes unless there is an issue with the plate (such as eyes closed). Retakes are left to the discretion of the photographer.

If time permits, you can opt to purchase a second plate of the same setup at a 25% discount.


Deluxe Session

The deluxe session is a photo shoot that includes a consultation and backdrop, costume, and prop options.

With our knowledge of the process and photographic expertise, we work with you to reveal aspects of your personality or your alter ego.



Boudoir Session

Boudoir means a woman's* private sitting room or salon. The boudoir shoot is a sexy version of a deluxe session. Our private studio has some lovely Victorian furniture that works well for these shoots.

*Boudoir sessions are not limited to women. We welcome adults of all genders and sexual orientations. And we also offer couples shoots.