Billy the Kid and the Regulators

Randy Guijarro bought this 4"x5" tintype for $2 at an antique shop in Fresno, California. It has been authenticated and identified as outlaw Billy the Kid and his gang the Regulators. They are playing croquet at a wedding in Chavez County, New Mexico in 1878. It has been insured for 5 million dollars! Had I found it, I would have bought it and added it to my collection without ever realizing it depicted someone infamous. I would have just been delighted to find such an unusual tintype and one depicting people playing croquet! I'm glad the Guijarros' knew what they had. Makes me want to go treasure hunting!

Also, I'm going to start planning a tintypes and croquet party for next spring.

The Guardian has the story and large images for closer inspection.

Billy the Kid and his gang, the Regulators

Billy the Kid is on the left