Portraits Exhibit Up for One More Week

Cowboy My Portraits exhibit is up for one more week at the Little Theatre Café in Rochester, NY. There are 25 ambrotype and tintype portraits on display.

Cowboy is image #4 of 5 in the Ancestor Series that Jason and I made in 2014 after we moved into the Hungerford and got the darkroom up and running. We used the backdrop of the Genesee River that my friend Antoni painted for the studio. I love this series. Jason is really great to photograph in collodion. His new nickname is the Man of a Thousand Faces—he's the Lon Chaney (one of my favorites!) of collodion.

The show is up through Friday June 19th. The café is open every evening and Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Catch a movie while you're there! They have yummy popcorn and good films.